Video Concorso Francesco Pasinetti -Festival del Micrometraggio e Cortometraggio a Venezia - 15°edizione

Regulation VideoContest ‘'Francesco Pasinetti'' 16th edition
Short Film Festival in Venice

The association "Friends of Pasinetti" in collaboration with the Art School "Michelangelo Guggenheim" in Venice and the Art, Graphics and Multimedia School "Giovanni Valle" in Padua, under the patronage of Regione Veneto and the Ufficio Scolastico Territoriale Regionale of Venice, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Venice, Coop Alleanza 3.0, Circuito Cinema and “CineClub Venezia” association, organizes the 16th edition of the Video Contest "Francesco Pasinetti”.
The Video contest “Francesco Pasinetti” has, over the years, received considerable recognition for its social and cultural relevance. It is free and open to all. The contest is divided into different sections, some of which have specific addressees. 
In the final selection, special attention will be given to the documentary genre, especially linked to the city of Venice and to videos dealing with social, cultural and environmental issues.


1. Documentary: "Venice: a city”, maximum 15’.*
2. Theme Video: "Diversity as a value “, a special award will be assigned this year to the theme of cultural diversity, which is also meant to promote,  through the audiovisual medium, a reflection on other domains of diversity: environmentalbiodiversity, of gender, physical and mental or any other kind of  diversity one can imagine. Maximum 15’.*
3.”Documentaries and Documents“, Documentaries and documents on socio-cultural and environmental issues, also employable as teaching tools and engaging particular poetics or audiovisual techniques in the treatment of the topic. Maximum 15’*.
4.Free Theme Video, maximum 15’.*
5.VideoMusic: Award offered by Hard Rock Cafe Venice, maximum 5’.
6.“Booktrailer”: Award Bruno Rosada. In this section, even if the main addressees are students, institutes and first and second grade secondary schools, it is open to all. Maximum 2‘.
7. Video "Shorts in the running": video documentation for the "Su e Zo per i ponti” of Venice, maximum 3'.
8. Theme Video: “Carnival of the Venetians”, maximun 3’.
9.“Sketch, Gif, videographics and stop-motion”, all the works in this section must not exceed 3’; a selection of the most interesting ones will be used as an introduction to the other sections of the Festival.

*A maximum duration of 5’ is warmly suggested for works realized by students or having in general a low technical quality.

The "Festival Francesco Pasinetti" will be held at the end of May at the Guggenheim High School, at the Casa del Cinema and at the T Fondaco dei Tedeschi. This Year’s Festival will also exhibit itinerant projections throughout the city of Venice. Some of the most interesting works of this edition will be shown at the Sala Regione Veneto during the Venice International Film Festival.

The Jury

The film critic Carlo Montanaro will preside over the Jury, composed of cinema experts and representatives of the proposing organizations. The best works will be presented to the public during the Festival.


- The Winner will receive a plaque and a special prize offered by the different organization.
- The Video winner at the Festival, together with a selection of the most interesting products, will also be proposed at the Mostra del Cinema di Venezia.
- The Winners of the first four sections will receive a plaque and prizes offered by different sponsors.
- In the section "Diversity as value" a special prize offered by T Fondaco dei Tedeschi will be awarded to the work that best shows the cultural value of diversity.

In addition, the following prizes will be awarded:

- Prize Best Cinematography, assigned by the Photo club "La Gondola".
- Prize Regione Veneto, assigned to a Venetian videomaker taking part in the contest.
- Prize Bruno Rosada: each winner will be awarded a prize in coupons for the purchase of books or multimedial materials .
- The Jury may assign further awards to works considered worth of special mention subdividing them into distinct categories: Professionals, Students, Low technical quality. All prizes and awards will be consigned to the winner or to a delegate, during the prize giving ceremony. Further meetings are to be planned and will be published on the Facebook page:


The registration to the contest is free and open to all. 
The videos must be received not later than April 11, 2019, together with the entry form downloaded from the website, 
it is mandatory to specify which section the video takes part in.

Eligible Formats

DVDs, and Entry form must be sent to the address: 
VideoConcorso "Francesco Pasinetti", Liceo Artistico "Michelangelo Guggenheim", 
Dorsoduro 2613, 30123 Venezia;
Starting this year it will be possible to upload videos on vimeo (Making sure the download option is active). Videos on youtube will also be accepted provided they are in mp4, mov, gif format and no larger then 500 mb; they can also be sent through We Transfer or Drop Box to the e-mail address:
Any further information is available on the website
or on the fb page Facebook:


Michela Nardin
Daniela Manzolli
Anna Ponti